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Tracking the Success of Your Marketing With a Campaign Dashboard

Is your marketing working? How do you know if it’s working or not? These are incredibly important questions to consider as you continue to make marketing investments in your organization. Understanding the results of existing campaigns helps you to better determine how to allocate your limited marketing budget for future campaigns. What is a campaign dashboard? A campaign dashboard measures different metrics associated with a specific marketing campaign so you can easily evaluate the results of your campaign. As an example, if you work with our team to launch a direct mail campaign, we offer an optional campaign dashboard that displays: when your mail gets delivered how many phone calls your campaign generates how much Google traffic is associated with your campaign How does each element of your campaign dashboard work? Mail tracking To secure the greatest bulk mail discount for our clients, we’ve always approached direct mail as a scientific endeavor. By using the intelligent mail barcode and automation , we save our clients additional money on postage. Depending on the bulk mail software vendor that you’re using or your bulk mail vendor of choice, you should have the option of tracking your mail using the intelligent mail barcode. This allows you to easily determine the delivery days for your bulk mail campaign. Without using mail tracking, there are small steps that can be taken for peace of mind when launching direct mail campaigns like adding seed addresses of coworkers to your address list, but mail tracking provides a comprehensive view

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Tracking the Success of Your Marketing With a Campaign Dashboard

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