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The Secrets to B2B Email Success? Urgency and Clarity

If you’re looking to make an impact with B2B email, don’t expect to break through with just one punch. A strong series of messages, with clear calls to action and a sense of urgency, is the best way to connect with prospects. “Do two or three emails—you need the repetition to break through,” says Nancy Harhut, chief creative officer, Wilde Agency . And in those emails, make the call to action simple and clear. “We’re still seeing clients trying to force two or three different calls to action in one email. Sure, you have lots of great content, but don’t try to get them to download the whitepaper and view the video in one email. A single call to action is the way to go—multiple calls to action decrease response.” What works in B2B email creative? Simple straightforward messages with a certain amount of urgency work well, says Harhut. Often, in a series, the third email with a “final notice” tone drives the message home. Wilde recently worked with the American Medical Association’s resident physician insurance program, and created a series of emails for them. The third in the series performed the best, because it was most urgent. Simple, short copy with a strong call to action drove recipients to the landing page for more information. “We didn’t cram too much information into each email,” she says. “Each message had a different angle, featuring different benefits, giving the reader cumulative knowledge. If they only opened one, they still got a good sense of the objective.” The product being introduced in the AMA email series was disability insurance for medical residents. What was nice about it, says Harhut, was that they had a strong value proposition, highlighting what medical residents earn (not much) and they types of coverage residents qualified for typically. The campaign, which also included some direct mail, resulted in a 614% lift over prior efforts targeting the same audience, with 60% of the traffic to the dedicated landing page coming in via mobile. Urgency in your call of action is vital, says Jay Schwedelson, president/CEO of Worldata . “Having a timeframe related to the offer is the only thing that works,” he notes. “Don’t say ‘download my whitepaper.’ Say ‘download my whitepaper—offer expires today’ .” “There has to be a multi-touch component in email,” agrees Schwedelson. “You can’t email a single offer and expect the response rate you want. Send multiple messages that build on each other.” If a…

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The Secrets to B2B Email Success? Urgency and Clarity

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