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The Elements of Great Direct Marketing

There was a time when the term “direct marketing” pretty much only meant direct mail, because that was the only addressable channel out there. Then, of course, came direct space ads, radio and TV, telemarketing, and finally, the Internet.

Throughout them all, the elements of great direct marketing have mostly remained unchanged. Target an audience, make an emotional connection, offer them what they want, make it easy for them to order, measure response and learn from the experience so you can do it better next time.

Always be improving, optimizing, expanding the audience while better targeting what you send them.

These ideas are no less essential today than they were 50 years ago.

What is a little different is how to employ them.

Audiences online are easier and cheaper to reach thanks to all the digital channels. But they’re less defined by their demographics than their interests and self-perception. Getting them to engage and trust you is a totally different challenge; one that often has to be met by proving the authenticity of your brand more than offering a simple satisfaction guarantee.

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