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M&T Bank’s Mail Makes a Big Promise

Being in business comes with a set of challenges, which, as this direct mail pieces shows, some marketers understand.

Mailer Name: M&T Bank
Date Mailed: April-July 2016

mtbank_01M&T Bank, an institution with over 800 branches in the mid-Atlantic and New England, reaches out with a specific promise. It is to work with a company to create a banking plan geared just for them.

“Make the move to M&T!” the outer urges. It uses the simple components inside to clarify why.

“We’ll work with you to understand your company’s unique cash flow needs,” the letter says. This elaborates on the tagline from the front of the envelope in this effort: “Understanding what’s important for your business.”

Using a “customized suite of products and services” will help build business, the letter continues. And to get the process moving, it asks the prospect to stop by a local branch or phone a toll-free number.

mtbank_02The insert adds a little more information about how the business’s day-to-day operations can be helped. Separate panels, each topped by a pictograph, explain what three essential business operations can be optimized by M&T.

According to the copy, receiving and making payments, as well as managing money, can all be customized thanks to multiple options. And like the letter, it also urges the company to visit or call for much more.

You can see for yourself how M&T Bank gets prospects to inquire about customized banking solutions for their businesses. To download a free PDF of this mail package, courtesy of Who’s Mailing What!, please click here.

The Takeaway
Getting the prospect to come through your doors or call you can be effective if you demonstrate that you can make your expertise work specifically for them.

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