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Marketers Aren’t Confident Their Email is Relevant: Report

You’ve got loads of email subscribers opening your messages. Good for you. But do they really like what they’re receiving? Are you sure ? Relevancy is an ongoing for email marketers, on both the B2B and the B2C sides of the fence— and on both sides of the ocean. A new study from the U.K. Direct Marketing Association reports that only nine percent of marketers—that’s less than one in 10—say all of their emails are actually relevant to customers. Clearly, there’s some kind of disconnect happening here, and we don’t mean Brexit. The stats, say Skip Fidura, client services director at  dotmailer  and chair of the U.K. DMA’s Responsible Marketing Committee, says the numbers paint a worrying picture. “Consumers continue to say they get too many and irrelevant emails from brands. More worrying still is that 42% of marketers agree. The warning signs are there,” Fidura notes. “Over half of consumers have considered deleting their email account to control the flow of marketing emails they receive. As email marketers, we have a responsibility to our customers, to ourselves and to our businesses to keep our channel not just viable but thriving long into the future.” Marketers need to take care to preserve email as a channel to interact with consumers who were engaged enough with a brand to sign up for this list. As Kristen Dunleavy of Movable Ink wrote this week on , email is more personal and direct than other marketing channels, and—when the

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Marketers Aren’t Confident Their Email is Relevant: Report

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