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How Big Data Can Improve B2B Lead Gen

In the world of B2B lead gen, the bickering between enterprise B2B marketing and sales organizations rarely ends. Each points the finger at the other’s shortfalls: Sales complains that “these leads are not what I need; I need buyers with intent,” and marketing responds “Why can’t you just do a better job at closing the leads we send you?” The reality, of courses, is that both are somewhat off-base in their accusations. Despite their complaints about value, sales is actually receiving high quality leads and is doing a good job closing them. The real problem is the volume of qualified leads. Even for best-in-class companies, according to SiriusDecisions’ statistics, only 10% of all inquiries become marketing qualified leads (MQLs) and if yours is an average performing company, a little under four percent of your demand generation activities deliver as promised. Carnage rates stifle demand generation investment Reputation and inquiry attraction costs money—and lots of it. When you look at the throughput from an inquiry-to-deal perspective, marketing manages a top-of-the-funnel process in which at best, 96% of their inquiries never close and therefore never help the company. For average performing companies, the carnage rate, or inquiries that don’t close, is an astounding 99%, according to SiriusDecisions. All of this misunderstanding, fuels the fire in which B2B sales leaders seek more support for personal interaction type B2B lead gen activities that undermine marketing’s requests for increases in demand generation budgets. After all, why support a process for which most of what is created, ends up in the trash? In an environment in which most B2B purchasing begins on the web and where data is the foundation for understanding customer life stages and the delivery of relevant interaction, B2B until recently has had some real challenges. Whereas their…

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How Big Data Can Improve B2B Lead Gen

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