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Direct Mail: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Direct mail is a powerful tool in marketers back pockets. Many marketers have forgotten the gift of direct mail and what it can do to their ROI. Are you one of them? With so many channel options and a focus on a more digital strategy, it’s no surprise that direct mail is left in the pocket. You look at the cost of postage alone and it can be a real turn off. However, if you are not using direct mail, you are missing out.

Why you ask? Direct mail is expensive but check out these stats from an InfoTrends study on what it can do for you:

  • 66 percent of direct mail is opened
  • 82 percent of direct mail is read for one minute or more
  • 78 percent think direct mail is effective
  • Response rates, on average, are 5 percent for customer list and 2 percent for prospects
  • The mean number of direct mail pieces received in a week are 3.5 letters in envelopes, 2.4 flyers/pamphlets, 1.9 brochures and 1.3 postcards
  • 56 percent of consumers who responded to direct mail went online or visited the physical store
  • 62 percent of consumers who responded to direct mail in the past three months made a purchase

What do these mean to you? It means your message stands out in the mailbox, gets read and gets acted upon. That is why direct mail is a gift that keeps on giving. Yes it is expensive, but it is also very effective. Are you convinced that you now need to add direct mail to your marketing mix? Great! Now you are ready to learn how to effectively do that.

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