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Canyon Ranch’s Direct Mail Magazine Focuses on Destination Travel

A health and wellness resort uses direct mail to reach out to travelers who want to strengthen the bonds between body and mind.

Mailer Name: Canyon Ranch
Date Mailed: November 2016

Canyon Ranch direct mail

Canyon Ranch was founded by Mel and Enid Zuckerman and Jerrold Cohen. It operates three full-service locations as well as in two hotels and for several cruise lines.

Connection, its magazine, centers on content that offers inspiration to customers. Helping  people lead better and healthier lives is goal of Canyon Ranch. Or as the Fall/Winter edition would put it, the “intention.”

Intention is “a passion or core belief” that you feel first before thinking about it. Assuming that it is a healthier physical and spiritual life, the magazine sets out to show how Canyon Ranch can provide a “practical path.”

The Zuckermans and other Canyon Ranch experts offer their own perspectives on intention. Their dedication to improving the well-being of their guests helps add to their credibility.

A 2-page spread reminds the reader that eating should be done mindfully, with awareness of your appetite. A recipe for low-calorie Almond Pear Torte is included, and with a pointer to check out a video for more tips.

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