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Metro Presort

Business Type Mailer
Phone 503.224.7230
Fax 503.224.5952
Email [email protected]
Contact Brad Barton
Address 3506 NW 35th Ave 
Portland, OR 97210-1640

Company Information

Take advantage of over 100 years of combined presorting experience and achieve maximum
postal discounts. Our staff will guide you through the process in working with the USPS to
ensure your data is clean, mailing requirements are met and postal discounts are achieved.

1. Mail is picked up daily in secure vehicles and transported to our secure automated
production facility
2. Postage is applied to mail (if needed)
3. Mail is presorted and delivered to the USPS that same day
4. Discounts available for Letters, Flats, International mail & package, Bound Printed
Matter, Media Mail, Priority & Express mail


1. No more trips to the post office, call us for quick easy to understand answers
2. No more meter or equipment leases
3. Reduce manpower in the department = even more savings
4. Presorted mail has a faster delivery time than traditional methods

Since we began in 1982, we are proud to say that Metro Presort has grown into the largest and
most efficient presort and mailing company in the Northwest. With over 100 years of combined
mailing experience, our knowledgeable staff gives our customers confidence that they are
meeting the latest mailing requirements and receiving the lowest possible postage rates.

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