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Gillette Men’s Welcome Package Sometimes Reach Women (0)

7/20/17 •

Since the 1990s, Gillette has mailed razors to young men turning 18 years old as a way to not only say ‘happy birthday’ but to begin to build a potentially long-term relationship with the brand. It will send out more than 2 million razors this year and, as fate would have it, some end up in the hands of women. A Gillette razor is just one component in the Gillette Happy 18th Birthday package. The women are not 18. If fact, they are a 50-year-old professor and a 19-year-old woman, among others. Speculation abounds as to whether the mailings were an actual data snafu or a way to gain a bit of notoriety on social as both women posted about the gift to their social networks. The 19-year-old quipped in her post, “No amount of shaving will make me a man,” The New York Times reported. Another package found its way to a man, but his 18th birthday had long passed. There certainly is humor to be found, as evidenced by the social comments from these recipients, but there’s also the more pressing issue of data hygiene. A quick search on Twitter using the campaign hashtag #FirstReal unearthed many posts that indicate the packages are, not only reaching women, but also arriving late—sometimes very late—or even before a young man’s 18th birthday. The Times reached out to Gillette to discuss their data sources, but Gillette declined. However, a spokesperson did weigh in saying that when dealing with vast volumes of data and fulfillment for the Gillette Happy 18th Birthday packages there are bound to be a few nicks and cuts. Read the article … Related articles: Starbucks Ends “Race” Campaign A Campaign is Mocked and the CMO is Out The post Gillette Men’s Welcome Package Sometimes Reach Women appeared first on Chiefmarketer .